03 August 2012

George Washington Smoking a Fatty? OH YES.

Is this guy's art defacing THE AMERICAN MONEY?  *gasp* You know if you ever fuck with that, you're done (or blacklisted at the very least).  Either way, be it on purpose or not, still scandalous.  I think it's clever s and refreshing.  Defacing anything owned by the American government isn't a bad idea in some circumstances.

 The following is taken from EdieBaron's Etsy shop to disclaim:

The Artistic Coins are becoming quite popular to be worn as pendants to show of national pride or as collection item specifically fit to their hobby or interests; many people ask the question:
"Is it illegal to deface coins ( by elongating them, artificially toning them,
putting a hole in them, etc)?"
According to U.S.code Title 18, Chapter 17, Section 331:

The answer to the defacement question is: it depends.

Essentially, the key word here is 'fraudulently'. You can legally drive a nail through a coin, paint it ultramarine, melt it, or bend it into a pretzel - but the moment you try and use that coin as currency, you're breaking the law. You can sell that altered coin as a collectable, but you can't use it to buy a Snickers. You can gold-plate your cent-less V-nickel, but you can't pass it with the intention of making the clerk think it's a gold piece. You can mash your pennies in the cent squisher at the zoo, but don't even think about buying penny candy with them ever again. Get the idea?

This is good, because we the thought of a president who spends their freetime this way is a good idea in general. Smoke that fatty George.  We're not going to get political today, but we're feeling in that kind of mood. 

 You decide... I still think it's genius and quite clever.  Why not? 

But, this is only a tip of the iceberg.  They also have sweetly and sickly romantic lover his & her's pendants (yeah, I know that term is totally heterosexist, but I used the term, not the shop -- for the record!).

This is what originally taught my attention (seriously, my heart melted!).  Too cute and kind of perfect for a couple you know or newlyweds who are into cute sweet little romantic nothings. 

Giving our love to this fellow Etsy shop.
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