21 June 2012

How to Get on Your Government's Black List

Allow me for a moment to become a bit political.  Generally, I never intended to get political on this blog… But really, who can I kid?  I am a political being.  The personal is the politic is it not?

This is a living piece.

Now, I cannot for a moment think that people do not care for what is happening in this world in front of our eyes.  

College graduates find it impossible to find a “good” job.  We were promised prosperity and a “decent living” for grinding our brains for 4 years.  We come out to a dry desert of chaos and lack.  Everyone who has a job is a slave wage lacking creative energy.  Tied to the dollar.  Strapped to the love of cash.   Cash that allows us to buy shit we don’t need.  The person of color makes less than the white collared good for nothing banker and police officer.  Black men are disproportionately locked up more than white men.  Prisons make more money than colleges.  Everyone is scared of crime and drugs.  We invest more money into prisons than higher education.  Everyone hates immigration (and Mexicans).  Everyone carries a gun.  The prison system is taking over the economy.  The economy has taken over the environment.  The environment and Mother Nature are furious and waiting for the right moment to retaliate.  The corporation has eaten politics alive.  Democracy died a long time ago.  Disease is everywhere and on everyone.  HIV kills black women.  Black babies.  Black  race.  We obsess over botoxed nobodies who work less, do less for society, and are paid more.  Meaningless rich nobodies.  Work.  School.  Work.  Die… Or push back.  Let it rise.  Let the movement rise.  Rise up.  Get angry.  Be pissed.  They can’t take away your right to be mad and angry at the current situation.
Sometimes reality sets in far too much and you have to let out a rant.

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