14 February 2012

Perfect Boyfriend Manual:Tip #4

Happy Valentine's Day Cyber Freaks!  Thought we debut our new project today: PERFECT BOYFRIEND MANUAL TIPS.

Pull this simple little trick our of your pocket every once in a blue moon to get her swooning over the loving stud you are: 

Make her a relaxing hot bubble bath with flower petals, just because -- not just because "it's Valentine's Day".

Do it for her, just for her.  I suggest after a stressful day at work.

Go all or go home on this one. 

Rose petals help relax her and add an aroma of romance.   Some suggestions: White lilies are zen-like.  Red roses make her brain think of sex.  It'll make her feel renewed and relaxed -- ready for a romp in the sheets. 

ALSO, pay attention to this tiny little detail that can slip your mind. CANDLES = essential for the perfect lighting mood. 

You cannot make love when you're stressed.  Sometimes these extra little moment to allow her to come back to herself are better than any shoulder rub you can offer.

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