30 September 2011

Flying High for Fashion, Glamour, and Money.

 There has always been something intriguing and inspiring about the life of a stewardess. Though I find a great deal of style inspiration from the ladies in this post, I cannot ignore the ugly ideas and images of flight attendants and the cost on women in the work place.


Covered up and classy.

 Stewardess. Even the title indicates a strong feminine tone to the word. It's a job that offered the fabulous opportunity to travel around the world, see far exotic places, meet interesting people (i.e. rich husbands) and stimulate new experiences. In the 1960s-1970s, women all over the world were drawn to this highly feminized occupation.

Go-Go Boots.
Cocktail servers or flight attendants?
Micro minis.

Hot Shorts.

Big hair and Beehives.

Marketing the PSA name through sex.

Being a stewardess, or flight attendant, meant women had the OK to leave the domestic sphere and pursue a career. This new career woman enjoyed freedom and liberation. Freedom from being tied down at home with children and dealing with the gender roles women are generally expected to fill.No ironing or cooking dinner for a family. Nope, not for the new single, young, woman of the travel industry. 
She is stylish, young, adventurous and ready to take on a MAN'S WORLD.

Well, not exactly.  We cannot ignore the fact that the pay was poor (around $250-$300 a month) in the 1960s. There were little chances of promotion and there were very rigid weight/height requirements employees had to meet to keep their jobs. If they gained a little too much weight, airlines would be able to let an employee go because they did not meet the requirements. But all of this was worth it, because she could meet wealthy men, travel the world, and enjoy a glamorous occupation.

Going up and beyond in "comfort".

In this add for  LynxJet Mile high club, we see the hyper sexualization of the female dominated occupation -- for the pleasure of wealthy men.

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