14 August 2011

Ladies-Only [Etsy Shops] - Body Modifications

So if you're a bit of a masochist and your ear lobes have been modified, like mine, you're probably on constant look out for original quality plugs at good prices. No offense (or just a little...), I just CANNOT stand to see another pair of red and black nautical star plugs or the yawn-producing neon acrylic plugs from the kiosk jewelry stand in the mall. 

(WAIT.... The Mall? Why the hell would we ever go spend our money there?) 

This is where everyone walks around thinking they are sooo alternative with the SAME exact products in their ears. Though it may make your grandma cringe -- it's all over-priced and mass produced junk. ENOUGH!

Anyways, I know I'm constantly on the look out for treasures that are unique and funky. (Yeah, funky!) These female-headed shops are definitely in need of a visit if you're seeking the same.

Here are some of my own favorite unique Etsy shops for your modified and stretched ear lobe pleasure:

  I was so excited to find plugs that are girly and weird, my favorite combination from Glamsquared.
This Switzerland based shop offers a refreshing selection of make-believe, feminine patterns, and yummy treats on their plugs! If you can't find your size, contact her for a custom order -- how rad is that? These are only a few of this fabulous shops items. 

Shop Glamsquared: www.etsy.com/shop/Glamsquared.

Romantic Cameo Autumn Flower - $31.00

Skeletina Antique Brass Double Flared (In Various Colors) - $30.00

Cheeseburgers!- $9.00-$20.00

Yellow Rose Regency - $30.00

Rose Plugs in Various Colors - $26.00

Portland is responsible for some pretty great Etsy finds -- GlassHeartStudio is no exception! Besides the Blondie inspired name, these beautiful long pieces are works of art your your lobes. I personally enjoy the natural and calming earth toned colors in this collection.

Shop GlassHeartStudio: www.etsy.com/shop/glassheartstudio

I especially love me a good woman owned business. The name of this shop makes me think of sexy tough chicks! This Salt Lake City etsy owner makes plugs for the modified and the fakers (folks who enjoy the look, but not the pain, of modified ear lobes) too! Her designs are made of 100% Polymer Clay and she can custom make almost any color you can imagine -- and get this -- you can add glitter for more glam! She also takes custom orders for gauge sizes up to 1" inch.

Shop Peach Treats: www.etsy.com/people/Tifthapeach
Woodland - $31.99

Why not give your money to people who dedicate many hours to exceptional quality products at the same (and even better) prices than you can find at Hot Topic. I can ensure you that you'll be able to sleep at night knowing your consumer dollars are going to help a local artist and not to some investors pocket.  Plus, you can ensure your items are one of a kind or at least very unique and hard to find for copy cats. This friends, is the beauty of spending your money wisely, via etsy!

Don't forget to check MissFashioned THE SHOP on etsy -- missfashioned.etsy.com 

xo lucia

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