02 May 2011

Actualidades: Osama Bin Laden Dead

Photo courtesy of CelebrityBikiniBody.com
So, the United States of America has now seen victory. The country has finally killed the World's Most Wanted Man, ten years after the events of of September 11th, 2010 (Terrorism, remember?). Don't we all feel so proud to be American again?

All this at a time when gasoline sits at around $4.17 a gallon, our schools are crumbling or shutting down,college professors are being laid off, and the unemployment rate in my state is in the double digits.

I plan on keeping this a short post -- but we can go on and on about all the economic, labor, education, health, and discrimination problems in this country. Maybe, another day when I have the energy again.

These things are happening, and this list is a modest one. Let's remember that there are a fuck load of institutions dying off in this country. There is still reason to get pissed off.

But instead we'll be feed stories of heroism and images of planes flying into buildings so we stay put, behave, and don't ask any questions.

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